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About Us

We connect medical equipment, medical devices, chemicals and raw material clients with sellers all over the world to create a single stop for all trade needs.

Our fast response team creates logistics and purchasing solutions for various medical, chemical and raw material purchases.

While we strive to make a difference in the responsiveness of manufacturers, we also create a gateway between products and end-users.

By outsourcing purchasing needs to Smart Sigma, our customers can focus on improving their sales force and customer satisfaction.

With a very wide network of partners we negotiate terms, delivery options, product specifications and payment options so our customers do not have to.

Our Niche

Our intuitive IT infrastructure enables us to remotely collect updated information on manufacturers and deliver a secure communications line between our customers and us.

This approach is not only important to increase the level of support we give but to automize our efforts into a deep learning machine and create a unique supply chain management for the medical, chemical and raw material industries.

Our Clients

We keep our client base private and consult only to companies with a proven track record.

If you are interested in becoming one of our client please contact us personally through a reference.

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